Thoughts from Sacrament: Kindness Pass it On

So every week I’ll be doing a weekly installment known as “Thoughts from Sacrament”. Each week I’ll share my thoughts on the Sacrament topic.

Today’s subject was on “Kindness”. As the two speakers were giving their respective talks it made me think to my levels of kindness. It also made me conjure up memories of when I had been mean to another or treated them in a way the savior would not approve. Sadly as the talks went on I grew less proud of those  examples… I knew I needed to check myself.

One of the speakers told a story about her mother’s example of kindness. She recollected a story ifrom her middle school years in which an unliked child had his hat discharged out of a bus window during an altercation. The girl had told the accounts of this event to her mother when she got home and her mother to the girls surprise decided to go to the busy highway and get the hat, as well as clean it and drive it to the boy’s house to return it. Now this act of kindness though we did not find out the effect it had on this boy’s future life, probably meant a great deal to him.

Sometimes we may not always see the fruits of kindness, but when we consider the Christ like behavior we are emulating in doing kind acts, we must first and always remember that the savior never did these acts because of reward. Yet he did it out of the pure love he had for humanity.

The world around us is ever changing and turbulent! This is no hidden secret. Every time we turn the news on or open Facebook we see so much pain and terror in the world… But it can change! We can change it!

It starts with us! The thing is we have to learn to love our neighbor. It doesn’t matter what race, political affiliation, religion, gender or sexual orientation, but WE ARE ALL GOD’s CHILDREN.

When we get caught up in the differences men have divided us into we lose focus on the fact that we are all spirit children Of God. Making us brothers and sisters. When we are filed with hate, discernment and contention we are within Satan’s power!

So let’s step it up! Let’s offer a lending hand! Don’t just accept the status quo, go forth and make a difference. The domino effect or positivey and love can start with you!  Just open your heart.


One thought on “Thoughts from Sacrament: Kindness Pass it On

  1. yesss! I’m also glad I got to be in sacrament yesterday, and I took home similar thoughts about how we all (myself included) can be a bit more kind to those round me. thanks for sharing!


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