Prayer- The Most Sincere Form of Communication.

Currently in my singles ward I serve as the Assistant Mission leader.So I have the privledge of going to the Gospel Principles Sunday School Class. Well for the last few weeks I have been attending the 6 week Family history class as suggested by the Bishop, but this Sunday I decided to go to my old class, and sit in.

I love Gospel Principles. It’s such an amazing class. It usually consists of new members or investigators, and teaches the basics of the Gospel. It’s always been a belief of mine that mastering the basics of the gospel was the key to eternity. I just love the spirit of that class!

But this week’s lesson was on prayer. Something until a few years ago, I hadn’t done much of since I was a child praying nightly with my mom and sisters before bed. Now before I begin I must say in terms of super consistent prayer I’m probably more of a in the moment, before bed, and while I’m driving type of prayer. Nonetheless I have a testimony in just how powerful prayer can be.

A little over 3 years ago when I was first looking into the church, I rediscovered prayer. I grew up with prayer so it wasn’t a new concept for me, it was just a lacked and forgotten one. But I remember during that summer of 2011 when I got down on my knees and asked our HEavenly Father for guidance in life. I knew my life was spiralling out of control and I wanted to regain some sort of control and have some guidance.

The phrase “ask and ye shall recieve” became real to me through my friend Desiree’s example, and Sister Bishop, Sister Egbert, and Wade E. from my old family ward. I learned a new meaning to prayer, and reaffirmed the early principles of what my mother, father and grandmother had taught me years ago; that prayer was indeed the most sincere communication with our Heavenly Father!

Now typically as members of the LDS church it’s suggested you pray in the morning and at night, while praying throughout the day. Indeed the  Latter Day hymn “I need thee every hour” rings in my ear. I find myself needing that constant guidance from our heavenly father almost every hour.

I work in a very stressful work field. Tech support especially Consumer tech support is not an easy field. It’s not for the weak at heart either. It’s 9 hours of constant onslaught of negative people yelling and complaining, and at the end of the call you’re still expected to have a smile. Outside of the open scripture study at my desk, routinely I have to just pray. I Pray for comfort and strength, and pray for understanding other’s situations.

Prayer is something that can be done at all times of the day, and doesn’t have to always be done vocally. There are those that Pray in their cars while driving, those that pray silently walking on a trail, those that pray vocally in secluded forests, and there are those that pray by the beside. No matter when you pray, the point is to pray. Prayer allows us to speak with our heavenly father, to ask for the things we may need and want, to give praise and thanks, or repent of wrong doings. Prayer is one of the greatest gifts we have here on Earth, and is assecible to everyone.

I remember the first time I truly prayed for someone else besides myself, it was 3 and a half years ago when my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. For those who know me, I love my mom! Seriously, she’s one of the strongest women I know! But when she was diagnosed I found out no human on earth was completely invincible. My mom was diagnosed, and I remember it was a night after I had joined my friend Wade and his wife for a Family Home Evening at the Washington D.C. LDS Temple visitors center. I got home to call and tell my mother about my night, and that’s when she told me. In a moment I went from being so incredibly happy, to my face soaked with tears and my worst fears facing in the face.

Now to be honest I didn’t hear what type of cancer it was, all I heard was (cancer)! That was enough to send me over the edge, and nearly lose it! I went to my grandmother who was up in her room who had already heard the news, and I just cried. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My mom who seemed so invincible, who seemed like a Giant standing at 5’2″ had a sickness I only ever heard of killing people!

My grandmother told me to pray. To pray for my mother, to use my new found faith and ask God to be with her. That night I did just that. I prayed my heart out for her, and prayed my family could be strong, and that I could be there for my mother.

A few days later it turned out that the cancer wouldnt be as bad, and they also discovered Diabetes in her, which would actually make these dramatically worse if gone untreated. She began her treatments, “Radiation”, and she began watching what she ate and treating her diabetes, and in February of 2011 the doctor let her know that the cancer was in remission! My heroic mother beat Cancer.

Now if it hadn’t been for prayer I would’ve lost my mind. And I feel the Lord answered my prayers by being there for my mother, so that she now has an opportunity to live old and meet my future children, which is something I dream of often!

Prayer is REAL! In every sense of the word. It’s tangible, and requires faith. Prayer requires the faith and love for our HEavenly father and his son Jesus Christ. Prayer brought me to God and has implanted me in my faith. I am so grateful for God hearing my prayers and saving me, and being there for all those I love. I encourage you to pray often and seek after the Lord’s guidance, he’s listening, and wants to hear us, and be there for us. All we have to do is reach out. Never Hesitate!

I leave you with my testimony of prayer, that I know it works and it is our most tangible and intimate communication with our Heavenly Father, I know that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and we can be saved through his atonement, and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ




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