My personal “Sacred Grove”

Last March I had the opportunity to travel with 3 of my friends up to Palmyra NY, and visit the Sacred Grove. In Church History it was the place a young wpid-20140802_192807.jpgJoseph Smith went and recieved revelation from God that he was to bring forth the fullness of the gospel to the world. This fullness of gospel brought about another Testament of Jesus Christ, claiming that he had indeed visited inhabitants of the early Americas. It was here that the Latter Day Faith began… I personally remember being in the Sacred Grove with my friends walking the paths and admiring the scenery. I felt so secluded from the loud world, and I felt so much peace. I felt at one with nature, I felt closer to God.wpid-1401491402227.jpg

The moment brought me back to an Elders Quorum lesson shortly after my baptism 3 years ago where we were talking about places we like to go and pray and meditate, and just get away from the world for a little bit. At the time I didn’t really comprehend what they were really talking about. Most of them talked about forests, and to be honest at the time that was what really stood out to me, partially because I spent a lot of time as a young boy camping with my family and hiking, that being in nature away from it all just seemed so natural…

Last Spring around May I was hiking in a forest around wpid-20150104_162111_hdr.jpgmy neighborhood. I was just walking, I had a lot on my mind and just wanted to escape! As I was walking, along the waters of the late, I saw a bench. IT was along the bank of the waters. The bench was off the trail and kind of tucked away by brush and bushes. I went down wpid-img_20150104_160140.jpgthere and sat along the water. I took a deep breath and prayed, and then I read from my scriptures, and then I just sat there for what seemed like hours. I didn’t hear the sounds of the road a mile away, I couldn’t hear the voices of people, I just heard the spirit, my thoughts and the calm soundtrack of nature. I felt close to the Lord in my own “Sacred Grove”wpid-20150104_161216_pano.jpg

wpid-20150104_155618_hdr.jpgI say “Sacred” because it’s sacred to me. Not that I expect world changing prophecy or anything of the sort, but it’s my own personal place I know I can go to get away, and ponder the things that concern me and those I care about. Sometimes I’ll play music through my headphones and just read my scriptures or my patriarchal blessings. There are times I’ll pray and record the feelings of my heart and soul into my journal to wpid-img_20140928_192028.jpgponder on later. Nonetheless I have my own place.

To be fair only 2 people have ever seen it. Well it’s in a public area so I’m sure many have, but I’ve only shown two people where it is; Mario and Colleen. It’s kind of like one of those things you don’t want it to get overrun.

I think every person should have their own “Sacred Grove”. AS a disclaimer this does not mean a grove of trees, this can be anywhere you find refuge from the world. I know the temple is that refuge for myself, but the temple isn’t always open. We all need that place we can get to quickly in a moments notice and just contemplate wpid-20140621_155453.jpgthe wonders of the world.

So I encourage you, go forth wpid-20140621_152319.jpgand seek out your own personal Sacred Grove. Find time to become one with you and the Lord. Feel free to share your thoughts and help encourage others to find one of their own below in the comments!

Have a Great Day!!!



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