The Home Teaching Corner “Testimony and Conversion” [February]

Hey Everyone, So I’m trying someting new. It’s a new “monthly” installment, known as “The Home Teaching Corner” Each month, I’ll highlight my though on the First Presidency Message, and share my testimony and feelings on what I read. I write this in hopes that it will strengthen your testimony, and help you come closer to Christ. So ehre goes! BTW I will be writing about January’s in the enxt few days. I didn’t forget 🙂

This month First Presidency message was by PResident Henry B. Eyring, and it was titled “Testimony and Conversion”. When you put them together, most of the time commonly people may think, “If I have a testimony, then obviously I have been Converted to Christ.” Well in all honesty that’s only partially true…

So in my own words, to have a testimony is to believe something. For example… “I believe in Christ and Heavenly Father!” Now that is my testimony and I can scream it from the rooftops. But to be fully converted, means to live by those commandments which have been handed down to us from our Heavenly Father and follow the example of Jesus Christ to the best of our abilities on a daily basis.

I look at Testimony as the true belief in the Gospel of Christ, and I look at Conversion as the action that comes out of that belief. so becuase I have a belief or Testimony in the Gospel I’m going to follow the commandments, and have that change of Heart meaning to be converted.

It’s not enough to just have testimony. If you have one that’s awesome and you should continue to share it and hold to it. But to truly get back to our Heavenly Father, it takes pure conversion and changing of one’s heart to get back to our Heavenly Father.

And that takes everyday work. In the article it states “The Lord taught us that when we are truly converted to His gospel our hearts will be turned from selfish concerns and turned toward service to lift others as they move upward to eternal life…” So when you have that conversion, your testimony becomes a tool to use to share that good love and gospel of our Heavenly Father. You begin to experience and give off the truly love of Christ.

  • Steps to gain this conversion are-
    • Active Scripture Reading
    • Daily Prayer
    • Repentance
    • Service to others

Those are just to name a few and I’m sure we could go on and on on what to do, but I feel in my heart those are the most important. If we strive to do those on a daily basis it’ll turn our Hearts twowards the Lord and help us make those changes in our lives to return to Him in all his eternal glory.

I pray that you will seek after the activities and things that will bring you closer to The Lord, I leave with you my testimony That I know the gospel is true, and that true conversion isn’t a one time thing, but takes everyday action until we can return and experience true Eternal Glory. I love you all, even those I don’t know, and I hope these words will touch you in some way, and I know our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us all, and only wants the best for us, and I leave these things in the name of Jesus christ




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