Team Pioneer Mobilize, Bro-Trip 2015 is a go!

Just when it all seemed impossible the Lord showed away. Yesterday before a killer gym session My best friend and brother from another mother, and future guest writer to Spiritually Declared determined we the roadtrip to Nauvoo would be indeed possible!

What seems like a new annual tradition of Roadtrips and adventure seems to be getting a 2015 installment, and this one is sure to be full of even more adventures and experiences.

Simple lay out of the trip is like this. Leave from Crofton MD, and drive 14 hours to Nauvoo IL. We’ll be spending two days there exploring and having adventures and memories, and learning of the pioneers and their legacy. From there we will drive east, stopping in Chi-town for some legit deep dish pizza, because WHY NOT! From tehre we’ll make our way to Kirtland, and then overnight in Palmyra wakign up for church and more exploration, and of course that delcious upper NY state maple syrup! Driving back home that night, avoiding random scenic overlooks (inside joke to last years road trip), and make our way to philly before driving back home. `

I’m like super excited for this trip. It’ll be the most west I’ve ever travelled, and I’m so excited for the experience. It’s also going to be awesome to spend the time with some of my closest friends.

So check back here for updates as it gets closer, I already made an obligation to finish doctrine and Covenants before I step foot in Nauvoo! So yeah come back and live this roadtrip vicariously through me!!

Much love!




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