Bro-Trip 2015, Pioneer Log- 13 days

We’re within two weeks of the trip. The Cabin is reserved, the hotels are reserved, now we just wait. Soon enough we wo;; depart for the ultimate trip.

Along the lines of the trip a few members had to drop off. We originally planned for 5. 1 sadly couldn’t make it. and the other due to academic obligations is still a maybe. Nonetheless, the original 3 from last year, (David, Jared and I) are 100 percent in. We’ve been through this before, so this time around it’ll be a little easier than last year.In recent days we discovered our friend Kevin would be flying out from BYU to meet us for a few nights in Nauvoo!

It’s an exciting time. I’m so stoked. I wanted to allow you guys to follow my trip from a more closer view so I’m for the trip only sharing my various social media sites. which I will be tracking and recording the trip through pictures and video.

Snapchat- gmroyster45

Instagram- Lost_Kryptonian

Twitter- @GMaxRoy_614

Of course as you know we’ll be driving out to Nauvoo and on the way back hitting the church sites in between.





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