Hey Guys! Long time no see!

Well… IM BACK!!!!

Yeah after a more than like two month hiatus from the blogging world I’m back. Allow me to explain myself…

So I have a Cornea disease known as Keratoconus…It’s a depletion or misshape in your cornea. It makes it very very hard to see!. WEll It got very painful to look at computer screens or see in general, so I took a break until I got medical help. Needless to say I’ve been blessed with an amazing Eye doctor and I’m doing good, but I’m not out of the woods.

So I wanted to update you all, and let you know I can’t wait to continue writing for all of you, and being blessed by sharing my testimony, and giving you updates.

One of the most important updates comes from my writing… As most of you know, I’m an aspiring writer. Currently I’m working on my series (EVO), which will hopefully be released in the next year or two. Along with editing my first book “Maniac”. Well I was at work yesterday and out of nowhere an idea came to me like a ton of bricks. To write a book about the singles Ward in the LDS church… I feel it’s a story that’s never been done, like most stories I write. But as far as I can remember outside goofy movies like “The Singles Ward”, there’s never been a true story done. This wont be goofy… This will be real, and tangible, and raw, and needless to say in your face. IT will of course be uplifting, but I think there’s going to be something everyone can relate to.

With this new found inspiration, it has motivated me to finish other projects begin working on my website, and publish this stuff so everyone can read it! Also it has motivated me to continue blogging and inspiring other.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful sabbath day! Love all of you!



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