Good Afternoon.

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. My baby sister was the one who inspired me to write again. She asked for the url to this blog, and it hit me I hadn’t written in my blog since just after the passing of my grandmother.

This page still serves as a gospel resource for me. Somewhere I can share my testimony with the world. That testimony has been tried and tested these last 8 months, but that testimony that I know the Gospel is true, and that Jesus Died for our sins is still real in my heart. I know all this to be true, and I plan on writing more in the future. But until then, I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ,



My Thoughts on the Prophet Joseph Smith

(Written on May 4th 2016 as apart of one of my “Foundations of the Restoration” Institute class final)

It’s extremely important to remember that Joseph smith is so much of a vital driving force and catalyst for the Restoration of the gospel that I know and love today. I always reference that I’ve been where “They’ve walk”, referring to the countless church history
sites I’ve been blessed to go to over the past few years. At these church history sites I’ve learned so much about the prophet Josejsmithph Smith. Through this class I learned doctrinal truths about  the sacrifices and trials he went through, while leading the Saints west.

God chose an ordinary boy, with no high qualifiers to take the gospel to the world. Without him we wouldn’t be here enjoying the blessing which we receive and love. I am so grateful for the sacrifices of the Saints and brother Joseph. It is mainly to the face the gospel has saved my life. It helped change a college athlete party animal into a respectable man of faith.

pioneerWhen I hear the stories about the pioneers it strengthens my testimony and reminds me that things are not always as bad as they seem, that God is always there, and that if we follow the Prophets and the words of our Heavenly Father everything will work out.

img_1467.jpgI am so grateful for the sacred temple ordinances that I’ve had the blessings to take on myself. I know these blessings have helped me, and have done wonders for those who have not had the opportunity in this lifetime, that I’ve been blessed to serve as proxy for.

I want to close this with my testimony, that I know Joseph smith is a true prophet. That the sacrifice and trials of the Pioneers are a model of strength and pure testimony. I know my heavenly Father has saved me and my Savior lives. And I say this in the name of Jesus Christ.


Gerald R.

Grateful for the Opportunity to Serve

Sunday I was formally released from my calling as 2nd Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency in my ward. This is the same ward I was baptized into about 5 years ago. I remember hearing from a previous Bishop with such a release can come a flurry of emotions. My most powerful right now is gratitude. I will not lie, I was sad to be released.

For starters release is a term we use in the church to acknowledge our current Calling (position/job) term has come to an end. The only callings that you cannot be released from are if you are called to be an apostle or Prophet/President of the church. So local and area positions can come to an end.

It was indeed an honor to serve the brethren of my home ward. Of course releases can come without warning. sometimes followed by another calling, or the basis that the Lord saw fit for your skills and gifts somewhere else. I am planning on moving soon, and while I am sad to see my time in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency come to an end, it will allow me time to focus on house hunting and packing.

When I called my girlfriend after my meeting with the High Priest, she reminded me of something I had told her a year or so ago, that “It’s a part of serving God, and that the Lord will indeed find work for you to do…”. I pondered long and hard about it, and found comfort in the fact that indeed there will always be work for me to do in the Lord’s kingdom.  One quote, my favorite Book of Mormon quote comes to mind…

“But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it, Amen”

1Nephi Chapter 9, Verse 6

No matter what I know the Lord will guide me towards my truest potential!

As I said before, it was an extreme honor to serve my brethren, some of who helped me out and showed great fellowship when I was a new member of the church. I feel through my service in the presidency, I was taught more lessons from those good brethren. I have no idea what the next few months hold as I prepare to move to a new town, and a new ward, but I’m confident in the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, and my kind and gracious Heavenly Father.

This summer has been a very emotionally draining one, and I do know I will now have time to focus on feelings I may have tried submerging regarding the loss of my grandmother. I think within the next month or two, finding myself spiritually and emotionally will be of priority. I’m so grateful for the love of a wonderful family, an amazing girlfriend, and great friends, through this. As I have said, it was my grandmother and her Christ-like example that led me to my faith. She always urged me to follow God in everything I did, and I know I wouldn’t be here without her.

Through it all one thing is for certain and that is the growth in my testimony, that I know that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are there every step of the way in our lives. I know and wholeheartedly believe that families are eternal, and that This church is true! I know that we have a living prophet in Thomas S. Monson here on this earth, and I know no matter how old I am or what my condition is, the Lord will always put opportunities to serve and teach in my path, and I leave that with you in the name of Jesus Christ….


Gerald R.


It’s been a while…

So the last few months since I’ve written here have been full changes and challenges! I will get into that more as I write future posts. 

I recently 2 months ago lost my grandma, who was one of my best friends and hugest inspirations. She taught me to follow Christ! And I know she would want me passing along the good word in the best way I know how to. Through my words! So I’m back! 

I want to testify that I know Christ lives, and that his gospel has been restored on this earth in this time! I know that families can be together forever and I know we all have a glorious calling to do good unto others and share the gospel with those we come in contact with! In Jesus Christ’s name,



I’m back

It has been a month exactly since my last blog post. Sorry for the hiatus. A lot has changed in the last month. Some beautiful things have happened, and change has come about. Nonetheless I am back.

I figured with my return I’d bear my testimony. I want to bear my testimony that this is the true church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that Heavenly Father guides us and that we have the agency to do as we will and to become the Consequences of those decision. I beleive in the atonement and that it is the reason for which we have all come to be, and I vow my servitude to our heavenly father and Spreading the gospel through this globe, whether is be through the web or in person, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ



Silence the Demons and RISE UP!

I want to dedicate this post personally to my Family and Friends, and loved ones who never gave up on me….

Lets start the show!

Humans are a very strange creature. We talk, we write, we walk on two legs upright, we build vehicles, we build buildings, and massive habitats. We are a pack society no matter how much we don’t want to admit it. Human beings are very different from the animals around us. Our minds alone make us one of the single greatest predators on the face of this planet. We as a species are quite amazing. Simply put it’s because we were created in Heavenly Father’s image. With the diversity in our species alone, I can only imagine how beautiful he is!

But we have something that I beleive is unique to us, something that can deter us. Now when I say unique, I look at it from the beauty and the negative. That unique feature humans have over the rest is “demons“.

Now before I go on and everyone be stirred up abotu how anyone can glorify demons, let me first clarify what I mean by “Demon”. I mean in the metaphorical sense, in things that we hold onto, or things that hold us back that haunt our minds. something even the highest General Authority has faced. Let me begin.

Every human on this planet has encounter a set-back. From the most brilliant minds, to the most humblest of individuals living extremely hard living conditions. Demons simply put are of the adversary.

Demons come in all shapes and form. sometimes they come through images on a computer, sometimes they influence the actions of others onto us, and most of the time they are those voices in our heads that tell us those words “No”, and “Can’t” and defile our self image of ourselves. Which is the opposite of what Heavenly Father wants for us.

Now the crazy beautiful thing about our demons is, that once we overcome and silence them we become stronger. Gee, that sounds so easy, you might think. Just overpower it and you can grow! It’s not entirely true.

See those voices at the end of the day that are telling you that you are less than your heavenly worth, are well evolved and aren’t as easy to destroy. In fact it takes hard work. IT takes time, and it takes a never give up faith and attitude.

So a little back story. And this is somethign personal to me,that I’ve never really publicized, but for the sake of sharing my testimony on this subject I feel prompted to do so.

Here goes story time!

Now, throughout my life right into the first few seconds of breath I’ve faced trials. I often joke knowing the details of my birth that, I either shouldn’t be here today, or I simply didn’t want to come out so I was holding onto the insides for dear life. (A little dark humor)  Well when I was born as I was coming out, I got stuck inside my mother. This shows you the strength of my mother, she didn’t give up, she kept fighting. My right arm got stuck inside of her as I was coming out, causing severe nerve damage to my right arm. The doctors had told my parents that it would either never move or it would gradually get better but I probably wouldn’t be able to do much with it.

So I guess I must have been a tough cookie… My dad and mom sent me to all types of rehabs, and physical therapists. Then one day my dad noticed my rm moved, and that changed the game forever. I kept trying and moving it better and better over the years. By the time I was in elementary school, I had almost all movement. I could turn my arm all the way over, and sometimes it would hang wierd when not in use.

So I trained my mind. Sadly other kids saw it, and made fun of it. I guess because they dind’t understand it, or I don’t know the reason. But I remember being very angry as a child. I was always so angry. I was ridiculed for something I didn’t choose, somethign that was out fo my hands. A sort of trial Heavenly father placed in front of me. For MANY years I let those voices build in my head. I let the voices of those who didn’t know my story or what I had gone through make me feel less than my heavenly God given value. I let the demons grow in my mind, and I became isolated… I was always in fights because I was so angry, ironically training myself to throw a mean left in many occasions over a right.

Now for my parents who will read this, this is probably the first time they will ever have heard of this, and I apologise. It’s been one of those things I haven’t been able to get over or talk openly about with many people.

Back to the story. Well, the demons followed me into high school. I began to train my mind as I said earlier. Most people’s ligaments and muscles and bodies move almost automatically. Certain body parts just move and move and move. Well my arm had to be trained to move with me thinking about it constantly, just to appear normal. And I did that. I trained my mind to move it manually along with the other body parts of my body that way it could look “normal”. Mainly normal to the general public because normal to me had been what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

The demons continued to shout loud throughout high school. I trained myself to be virtually amidextrious. In my mind I heard the doctors who told my parents I’d never play sports, or that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the things normal boys would be able to do.

I didn’t want to be left in the dust. I was a big kid, I was relatively strong, and I decided in high school, I wasn’t going to let those voices hold me back anymore. So I started wrestling, and learned how to use my other strengths.  I adapted. I learned I could prove the doctors and the ridicule, and the voices wrong. I knew I could silence them! Most of the time, when I was hyped up during a sporing event or needed a boost, I’d tune into a channel in my mind that vocalized those voices. I’d use it to give me a boost, I’d turn it into a game to help me push through and continue to prove those voices wrong. Over the years or hardcore gym workouts and mental training, I’ve gotten to a point where you barely recognize the injury that I was dealt at birth… Unless I get lazy in my mind and forget. Which funny enough happens more times than you think, and honestly that is a blessing

See the thing is, I was truly blessed in the first place. Over my years I’ve met many people with way worse conditions than my own. People with mental, and physical conditions. And sometimes these conditions aren’t the typical. As an assistant mission leader, I’ve learned that peoples demons can stem from their doubts and insecurities. I have seen this, and I’ve been blessed with such a unique perspective that I can reach out to them.

The moral of the story is no matter what you are dealing with it can be fought. It may not have the result you are personally looking for, but you can fight. Sometimes the insecurities are what kill us, but we can fight it. Demons don’t have to hold us back. We don’t have to hold on to it.

So let me get in your face for a second!

I don’t know what you’re personal demon or hang up is. If you want to talk about it, that’s cool, I’m willing to listen and offer my thoughts. But I want you to take from my story and from the stories of others, don’t let the demons get to you. Virtually we feed the demons when we give into those temptations, or start to give up. No keep fighting! The Lord is on your side. Whatever you are dealing with, you can beat it. IT may not go “away” btu you can control your own life. the demons don’t have to tear you down any longer. RISE UP

I didn’t ask for my condition. In fact I’m 100% sure none of us asked for our various conditions, diseases, addictions, and shortcomings. BUT, we can control our reaction. We can either lie over and take it, and be burdened by our pitfalls and pains, or we can RISE UP and stand against.

I’ve been fighting since the moment I took my first breath, and I’m not in the business of quitting. I’ll keep fighting, the question is WILL YOU!?

I’ll close with my testimony that our demons and situations can be beat and made to work for us. We just have to keep fighting. As long as we try The Lord will stand on our side. I’ll also leave you with a quote I heard last night….

“There’s an election going on at all times. Heavenly Father is voting for ya, the devil is voting against ya, and you cast the deciding vote”

Senator Orin Hatch “March 15, 2015 “Why I Believe” @ The Washington DC LDS Temple Visitors Center”

You cast that deciding vote, don’t give up on yourselves. I say these things in the Name of Jesus Christ…Amen.

RISE UP