Team Pioneer Log- Bro-Trip 2.0= Success!

So this will be a multi-Part Blogging Series on the accounts and experiences of the trip. So sit back, check back and get ready! It’s gonna be awesome. So I thought I’d start off with the first moment. So come along as I reccount an amazing journey!!!!

brotrip3Bro-Trip 2.

It was 2030hrs on Tuesday the 14th of April when we set out on a 16 hour journey westward in search of spiritual enlightenment, and strengthening bonds.

Colleen and Lauren, had just dropped David and I off and Jared was waking up from  brotrip4 his nap. Across the country Kevin our 4th was flying from Utah to St. Louis in preparation to meet us in Iowa City our first stop before Nauvoo.

After the girls left the three of us (David, Jared and I), said a prayer and then we bbrotrip2egan our Journey west, nothing could prepare us for what was to come.


Bro-Trip 2015, Pioneer Log- 13 days

We’re within two weeks of the trip. The Cabin is reserved, the hotels are reserved, now we just wait. Soon enough we wo;; depart for the ultimate trip.

Along the lines of the trip a few members had to drop off. We originally planned for 5. 1 sadly couldn’t make it. and the other due to academic obligations is still a maybe. Nonetheless, the original 3 from last year, (David, Jared and I) are 100 percent in. We’ve been through this before, so this time around it’ll be a little easier than last year.In recent days we discovered our friend Kevin would be flying out from BYU to meet us for a few nights in Nauvoo!

It’s an exciting time. I’m so stoked. I wanted to allow you guys to follow my trip from a more closer view so I’m for the trip only sharing my various social media sites. which I will be tracking and recording the trip through pictures and video.

Snapchat- gmroyster45

Instagram- Lost_Kryptonian

Twitter- @GMaxRoy_614

Of course as you know we’ll be driving out to Nauvoo and on the way back hitting the church sites in between.




Bro-trip 2015 Pioneer Log- “Departure Date has been confirmed”

Good Evening friends!

We have determined our departure date, and it will be at about 8pm tuesday April 14th! Leaving at that tiem, giving into consideration traffic, time zone changes, and other variables would put us in Nauvoo at about 11am Central on the 15th.

Confirmed are 3 out of the 5, and waiting to hear back from the two! I’m so excited thinking about!

Check back here for more updates, and if you know of anyplace between Nauvoo, and Palmyra that we should visit, just drop your suggestion in the comments section!

Take care!


Team Pioneer Mobilize, Bro-Trip 2015 is a go!

Just when it all seemed impossible the Lord showed away. Yesterday before a killer gym session My best friend and brother from another mother, and future guest writer to Spiritually Declared determined we the roadtrip to Nauvoo would be indeed possible!

What seems like a new annual tradition of Roadtrips and adventure seems to be getting a 2015 installment, and this one is sure to be full of even more adventures and experiences.

Simple lay out of the trip is like this. Leave from Crofton MD, and drive 14 hours to Nauvoo IL. We’ll be spending two days there exploring and having adventures and memories, and learning of the pioneers and their legacy. From there we will drive east, stopping in Chi-town for some legit deep dish pizza, because WHY NOT! From tehre we’ll make our way to Kirtland, and then overnight in Palmyra wakign up for church and more exploration, and of course that delcious upper NY state maple syrup! Driving back home that night, avoiding random scenic overlooks (inside joke to last years road trip), and make our way to philly before driving back home. `

I’m like super excited for this trip. It’ll be the most west I’ve ever travelled, and I’m so excited for the experience. It’s also going to be awesome to spend the time with some of my closest friends.

So check back here for updates as it gets closer, I already made an obligation to finish doctrine and Covenants before I step foot in Nauvoo! So yeah come back and live this roadtrip vicariously through me!!

Much love!



Team Pioneer- To Nauvoo We Ride

Last year 4 of my friends hopped in a Kia Sedona and headed North to Palmyra! After a 6 hour drive up the East coast we arrived at our destination. The weekend was filled with exploration, and wonder. We saw awesome sacred sites, like the Sacred grove, and each of us were able to have our own personal spiritual moments. IT was a wonderful trip!….

Over the summer I had the opportunity to drive to Kirtland with some of my friends. It was a wonderful trip! A phenomenal experience once that I’ll never forget. It inspiried be to keep heading west along the Mormon Pioneer trail!

And now here we are….

Me and some friends are now planning to head out to Nauvoo, which is a 14 hour drive west of Maryland where we live. This for me will be the furthest west I’ve ever been in my life, and it will also include on the way home, stops in Chicago, A stop in Nauvoo, Another Stop in Palmyra, and finally ending with a stop in Philly before heading home! (Philly and Chicago, are for food purposes because who can deny a deep dish pizza or a philly cheese steak sub).

The trip although far is bound to be awesome, and I’m so excited. Check back here as I record updates and even more important reports from the trip itself in April!