I promise this will not be one of those Welcome Back posts….

Long time no see Blogging world!

I have been on a bit of hiatus of late due to increased business at work, and seemingly no time for many other things. But I’m back! I can honestly say I don’t think there will be so many breaks between my posts, and I pray I can deliver spiritual posts that help others find a way through this crazy world. Through my testimony I hope I can help others.

So in the time I’ve been gone, I recently as of Sunday was set apart as the 2nd counselor in my Elders Quorum Presidency in my family ward. For those of my friends and family who are not familiar with the organization of my church, Elders Quorum Presidency headed by a President and his two counselors are leaders over the men in the ward. We serve and make sure the men and their families are doing well, and assist as needed. That’s kind of like the 50 cent gumball machine definition. (I promise a more in depth post on Church organization). But I felt so honored and humbled to be given such a responsibility and opportunity to serve in the ward I was baptized in almost 4 years ago. I have no idea what the next months or year or so holds but I know through faith in Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father all is possible. Like it say’s in the scriptures

But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold , he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen

1Nephi 9:6

I’ve lived by that scripture these last few weeks. It’s brought me great comfort as the world around me has faced turbulence and tragedy. It has given me faith through it all, and has given me hope that no matter what is thrown in my way all will be well, and I will persevere.

I can testify to all that no matter what you face in life, The Lord will show a way. If you trust in him and hold onto his counsel and guidance you will have a light through the storm of life. You can find peace in Jesus Christ the savior and our Heavenly Father.

It feels so good to write again on here, and I look forward to continuing as I continue to grow! Hope you all have a great day!



Hey Guys! Long time no see!

Well… IM BACK!!!!

Yeah after a more than like two month hiatus from the blogging world I’m back. Allow me to explain myself…

So I have a Cornea disease known as Keratoconus…It’s a depletion or misshape in your cornea. It makes it very very hard to see!. WEll It got very painful to look at computer screens or see in general, so I took a break until I got medical help. Needless to say I’ve been blessed with an amazing Eye doctor and I’m doing good, but I’m not out of the woods.

So I wanted to update you all, and let you know I can’t wait to continue writing for all of you, and being blessed by sharing my testimony, and giving you updates.

One of the most important updates comes from my writing… As most of you know, I’m an aspiring writer. Currently I’m working on my series (EVO), which will hopefully be released in the next year or two. Along with editing my first book “Maniac”. Well I was at work yesterday and out of nowhere an idea came to me like a ton of bricks. To write a book about the singles Ward in the LDS church… I feel it’s a story that’s never been done, like most stories I write. But as far as I can remember outside goofy movies like “The Singles Ward”, there’s never been a true story done. This wont be goofy… This will be real, and tangible, and raw, and needless to say in your face. IT will of course be uplifting, but I think there’s going to be something everyone can relate to.

With this new found inspiration, it has motivated me to finish other projects begin working on my website, and publish this stuff so everyone can read it! Also it has motivated me to continue blogging and inspiring other.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful sabbath day! Love all of you!


I’m back

It has been a month exactly since my last blog post. Sorry for the hiatus. A lot has changed in the last month. Some beautiful things have happened, and change has come about. Nonetheless I am back.

I figured with my return I’d bear my testimony. I want to bear my testimony that this is the true church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that Heavenly Father guides us and that we have the agency to do as we will and to become the Consequences of those decision. I beleive in the atonement and that it is the reason for which we have all come to be, and I vow my servitude to our heavenly father and Spreading the gospel through this globe, whether is be through the web or in person, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ



Free Write (4/28/2015) “My City”

My whole life I’ve grown up within 15-20 minutes away from Baltimore. From growing up in the suburbs in Millersville, to the time I spent away at College at Stevenson University. Baltimore is ingrained in my bones. When people ask me where I’m from I most likely for reason of not trying to explain where Millersville is will tell you The Baltimore area. When people ask me my favorite football team, I’ll tell you proudly the Baltimore Ravens, if you ask me about baseball I’m going to tell you probably while wearing my Orioles baseball cap “Go O’s”.

My life as a whole has been greatly shaped by the city of baltimore. I remember fond memories of my family going to baltimore. My dad when I was a little boy, we would take the Marc train to the city from Odenton and get Footlong chili dogs from Lexington Market. My friends and I before I stopped drinking would frequently go to the bars and clubs around there. I even met the girl of my dreams in the city. Baltimore is by far in my heart the best city.

In the last few days, Baltimore has shed some tears. What began as a protest against Police brutality mutated into something dishonorable and simply childish. The events that took place Monday were in no way honorably connected to the tragic death of Freddie Gray. The people you see on your television screens, were kids. I dare say opportunistic riding the wave of instability in the city after Saturday’s violence.

In the last 24 hours my dear friends from Ohio, Utah and elsewhere in the country checked in on me to make sure my loved ones and I were safe. You see the live feeds on the National News stations like (MSNBC, CNN, FOX, BBC even). That’s because this is not just a centralized city issue, but a national issue. This is an American Issue.

It breaks my heart the actions of this “Purge”. It breaks my heart when the public is scared of the people sworn to protect them. As a man who wanted to be a Baltimore City cop about 2 years ago, it breaks my heart the violence against them and other innocent cops. Death is death. The power to take someone’s life is a power possessed by God, and should not be abused by man. People are dying on all sides of the fences, all races, and ages and economic groups. The media sadly due to ratings and what sells like to really only show one side of the story. People everywhere are dying. We need to address that issue as well. A race war is not the answer. Division in the nation will only weaken us as a people. Divided we fall, and that’s what’s happening. We have to come together and find a solution. The deaths can’t keep happening.

People across the country who are reading this, I too was sitting on my couch watching the events in Ferguson, when those riots began, and thought to myself how sad. I was guilty of turning a blind eye because I didn’t think it could happen in my backyard, I was wrong. This can happen in any city at any time. The opportunities that sadly I take for granted some times was forged on the backs of peaceful leaders and demonstrations. YES there is injustice in the streets, but violence is no way to begat change. There’s a different route we must take for change to come, and rioting isn’t the way.

I keep being reminded of a quote by the savior Jesus Christ “Love one another…”. We live in a world where I think people on all sides have forgotten to love one another. If the world had a little bit more love and a lot less hate and dissension, then we could live in a better place.

I love my city, I love my state, and Lord knows I love my country, and my planet. We have got to come together people, peacefully. We have got to rise above the hate and the turmoil. For change to happen they must happen through peaceful protests and political action. Get out in the streets for good, not for violence. We as a species shall overcome.

So there has it, just my feels on the situation. A very tender and real situation that we will hear about for years to come. We are in the middle of a period of change…. But I have constant faith that tomorrow is always a better day.

Pray for Baltimore my friends, pray for our nation, pray for our species.

Lets Rise Above as one…





Team Pioneer Log- Bro-Trip 2.0= Success!

So this will be a multi-Part Blogging Series on the accounts and experiences of the trip. So sit back, check back and get ready! It’s gonna be awesome. So I thought I’d start off with the first moment. So come along as I reccount an amazing journey!!!!

brotrip3Bro-Trip 2.

It was 2030hrs on Tuesday the 14th of April when we set out on a 16 hour journey westward in search of spiritual enlightenment, and strengthening bonds.

Colleen and Lauren, had just dropped David and I off and Jared was waking up from  brotrip4 his nap. Across the country Kevin our 4th was flying from Utah to St. Louis in preparation to meet us in Iowa City our first stop before Nauvoo.

After the girls left the three of us (David, Jared and I), said a prayer and then we bbrotrip2egan our Journey west, nothing could prepare us for what was to come.

Bro trip 3.0 has come to a close

Currently we are heading south back of Maryland after an amazing trip. A trip that started off last Tuesday at 830pm that led us 14 hours to an incredible brunch at David’s sisters house… Then down yo nauvoo Illinois for 2 nights… Followed by a drive through of Chicago on our way to Kirtland to end the trip in Palmyra.

And that’s the short easy put on a postcard versjon …

No the trip was so much more, and right now in my sleepy state am unable to share with you everythjng. But in the next few posts I will. It was a trip of growth, of bonding, of eating, of spirit and of learning .I can’t wait to share everything with you.



Sorry for the Hiatus

Yup the title says it all. Now I could say that I’m saving all my typing for this wonderful trip in 5 days, but that’d be a lie. And that’s a sin, and that’s not cool as well. No I’ve been legit distracted and busy, and I took some time off. But as the season gets warmer, and the Earth wakes up during the months of spring into Summer I’m sure there will be countless more posts.

Plus those of my readers that remember last year’s instagram/facebook flooding of pictures and posts from the Palmyra roadtrip will know there will be much to type and read in the coming week.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and bearing my testimony. I love you all, and hope all of you are doing well