Free Write (1/6/2015)

I looked up from my scriptures as I sat at my desk. I just smiled. The song “To build a Home” by  the band Cinematic Orchestra Featuring Patrick Watson is coming from my headphones, and in a moment admist the surrounding sounds of my co-workers, the stress still surviving from this morning’s commute in the snow and being at work today, I was at peace. In a moment I thought of everything I was so thankful for. I thought of how precious each moment with those we love are. For a moment the peace of mind and spirit was mine. As I write this that peace still remains. I decided to free-write, jotting down my feelings and my gratitude for my Heavenly Father. As the sun sets on this random snow day I am grateful for so much.

I am Grateful for God being with my Girlfriend’s sister as she went into an operation this morning. I’m grateful I was able to get to work safely despite my fears of driving in the snow and the rather bad shape of my car. I’m grateful that despite I’m stuck at work, that I actually have a job, and a career plan. Whereas a few years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I look down at my scriptures with my place marked by the my Ward’s Mission plan, and I’m grateful for the gospel, my scriptures and the burning missionary spirit that drives me. I’m grateful for my girlfriend and my family and my friends who kept me in their prayers today, and I’m just so filled with joy I can’t contain it!

I believe it’s in our times of trials that we really need to remember just what we are blessed with. I catch myself at times getting angry or frustrated about a current situation, and think to myself just how much of a blessing that trial might be. I think of others who may not have as mucha s I do, and how ungrateful I may seem in the moemnt. I think it’s a human condition though. I think if at times instead of getting angry we focussed on what we are blessed with there’d be less stress in our lives.

So I’m sitting here at my desk with abotu 1 hour to go, and I sit here grateful because God woke me up this morning for a purpose. He woke me up to be the best me I could be today. Simply put he woke me up….