Team Pioneer- To Nauvoo We Ride

Last year 4 of my friends hopped in a Kia Sedona and headed North to Palmyra! After a 6 hour drive up the East coast we arrived at our destination. The weekend was filled with exploration, and wonder. We saw awesome sacred sites, like the Sacred grove, and each of us were able to have our own personal spiritual moments. IT was a wonderful trip!….

Over the summer I had the opportunity to drive to Kirtland with some of my friends. It was a wonderful trip! A phenomenal experience once that I’ll never forget. It inspiried be to keep heading west along the Mormon Pioneer trail!

And now here we are….

Me and some friends are now planning to head out to Nauvoo, which is a 14 hour drive west of Maryland where we live. This for me will be the furthest west I’ve ever been in my life, and it will also include on the way home, stops in Chicago, A stop in Nauvoo, Another Stop in Palmyra, and finally ending with a stop in Philly before heading home! (Philly and Chicago, are for food purposes because who can deny a deep dish pizza or a philly cheese steak sub).

The trip although far is bound to be awesome, and I’m so excited. Check back here as I record updates and even more important reports from the trip itself in April!